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The last two blog posts were about co-working and Digital Nomads. I would now like to talk a bit about the term ‘Workcation‘.

Definition of Workcation

  • Blend of work and vacation (
  • A serendipitous and pleasurable business trip. Blend of work and vacation (

Trends for Workcation

New technological innovations, like mobile video conferencing, enable knowledge workers to emerge beyond the four walls of their cubicle and enjoy a more flexible work environment, whether that is at home or abroad. (

Workations increasingly act as a pillar for company culture at fledgling startups and existing SMBs (

Workcations are the “wave of the future” (

Benefits of a Workcation

Here are some benefits of a workcation ( by Regus 2013)

  • Boosted creativity from the exposure to different cultures as well as stress reduction for employees
  • Increased flexibility that technology offers to travel while continuing to work at their full-time jobs from the road

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