May 29

Why you should write a book

Karen Willliams


Today I have the fantastic Karen Williams sharing her knowledge in a guest blog post for you. A bit about Karen:

Karen Williams works with business experts who want to write a non-fiction book that grows their business, raises their credibility and attracts higher-paying clients. She helps them to overcome their fears, have the courage to share their best stuff, and ultimately enables them to change lives through their writing.

Karen is the author of The Mouse That Roars, Your Book is the HookHow to Stand Out in Your Business, and the Amazon #1 bestseller The Secrets of Successful Coaches. You can download her ‘How to Write a Book’ Checklist here

She is also running an awesome writing retreat in Spain this year! Perfect guilt-free time to get your book done. Read more about it here.

Enjoy her blog post!


Have you got a book in you? 

They say that we’ve all got a book inside of us – have you?

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed more business owners making the decision to write a book. It’s certainly become more prominent since I wrote and published my first book in 2011.

With that first book and subsequent publications, I’ve found that being a published author has helped to put me on the map, and it has set me aside from others in my profession. That’s why I now help other people to do the same.

This is why you should write a book

From my own experience and working with my clients, these are some of the reasons why you should write a book.

  • Writing a book is a great positioning tool and it helps you to showcase your experience and expertise. Prospective clients are more likely to find you as you’ll be standing out rather than blending into the crowd.
  • If you run a service-based business, it’s one of the first things that will help you to stop trading your time for money. You’ll probably find that your book leads to products and programmes that complement your book, allowing you to make a bigger difference in your community. If you run a product-based business, a book will also help you to get noticed by more people and ensure that you’re more prominent in your industry.
  • Writing a book also enables you to leverage your knowledge, and reach people all around the world, not just in your locality. The book enables people to get to know you before they buy from you, as you can show them how you work.
  • Ultimately you can grow your business and help more people by establishing your credibility, influence and uniqueness in your marketplace.

All of these are reasons why many people write a book. Often they realise that they have important information to share with others, and a book is a great way of getting this message to a wider audience.

For others, they may have been through a personal experience, and are writing their book to help those who are going through something similar. They’ll also probably find that it’s cathartic to put this down on paper.

If you think about many prominent industry leaders and celebrities, they normally have at least one publication to their name.

So if writing a book is that important, why don’t more people do it?

Writing a book isn’t something that you can do overnight. It’s not as simple as putting up a blog post or sharing something on social media; it will take time and that’s what stops most people.

There are other things that might get in the way too, like how to organise your content and ideas, being unsure about publishing or promotion, knowing what to write about and why people will want to read it, and how to get started. It becomes something that feels overwhelming, so it feels easier to go and do something else instead.

Of course, it’s a project that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. It is something that will take a little time, but with the right strategies in place, you’ll have a better chance of success.

Here’s how you can get started

 If writing a book is on your bucket list and you want to put pen to paper, here are some tips to help you.

  1. Get really clear on where you’re an expert and how this book is going to help you to grow your business. Also focus on why you’re writing the book, who your ideal reader is and what they are going to get from reading your book. Having a unique hook that makes your book different is essential.
  1. Review all the material you have on your topic and if you don’t already have a system that you teach your clients, think about the journey you take people through. Or if you have a personal story that will inspire others, make a note of the turning points that have brought you to where you are today.
  1. Make a plan. I take all of my clients through a structured post-it note exercise where we map out their book before they start to write it. This makes it easier to get started and avoid writer’s block later.
  1. Implement shortcuts. There are things you can do to make writing your book easier, like interviewing others, doing a survey, using case studies and sharing stories.
  1. Put time in your diary to write your book with no exceptions. But be realistic: if you’ve got your busiest period coming up, this won’t be the right time to do it!
  1. Don’t try and do everything yourself. There are specialists who can help you to get your book written, published and promoted. There’s not much point in learning the hard way, when there are other people (like me!) who can make the process easier for you.

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