We all have our up and downs in our lives. And sometimes we have just too much on and are stressed. I have been quite stressed recently delivering a lot of different projects and launching my new platform for online courses. What I needed is two weekends away from everything and just do nothing. So I did.

First weekend away: Cock n Bull festival

This was an amazing festival on Lenton Farm near Bath. The money went to Jamie’s Farm (a charity that helps underprivileged kids).  It was a three day festival and the fancy dress theme for Saturday night was ‘famous vegetable’. So I dressed up as a broccoli. Some of you might know Olivier Brocc – the broccoli and lawyer.

There was yummy food, yoga in the morning, massages, playing games, the farmer’s olympics, excellent music from all over the world and fantastic people. We were very lucky with the weather too – sunny and warm. No one took themselves too seriously and everyone was just having fun. I felt extremely refreshed despite the lack of showering and uplifted after that weekend. My head full of new ideas and motivation.

Second weekend away: World Yoga festival

Now this festival was totally different to the Cock n Bull festival – alcohol free, only vegetarian meals and lots of workshops during the day. Every day for me started with a yoga lesson. I tried a new form of yoga – Iyengar Yoga and I enjoyed it a lot. I have also learned about the 5 elements and how you need to balance them when doing yoga. Laughter yoga was a lot of fun.  During the days I attended some workshop about ‘Inner resolution’,  the ‘Path to happiness’ and others. At one day I tried a Gong Meditation class and I have to say I have never meditated that deeply! It was amazing!

The evenings were filled with excellent live music by artists I have never heard of and interesting conversations. The people I have met at this festival very incredibly inspiring and fascinating. I have met someone that designs trolleys for airplanes, someone that works in hospitals for suicidal people, a probation officer, a wilderness therapist, yoga teachers, musicians and many more. It is one of these festivals where you say hello to your lunch or tent neighbor and end up having a great 2 hour conversation.

All this in combination of the beautiful settings of Beale Park in Reading, made me feel extremely relaxed and my creativity seem to have been reawakened. When I was younger (about  12 years old) I wrote a lot of poems – but never since. At the World Yoga Festival I wrote 4 new poems! I am really getting back into that. So watch this space 🙂

My conclusion: Sometimes it is good to get away and just do nothing. You will feel relaxed and motivated again. And who knows what skills will be reawakened.

Enjoy the pics.

Your marketing and creative start-up Coach Christine

Cock N Bull Festival

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