Christine Michaelis

Although I am now living in Chelmsford, Essex, I was actually born and raised in Berlin.

After my A-Levels I completed my apprenticeship in Marketing and Advertising. For non-Germans, a German apprenticeship is a 3 year training period, both in a company and a school. Once completed, I decided to stay at the company, a marketing and advertising agency for a few more years working as a Senior Account Manager and Strategic Consultant.

Seven years later,  although knowing that I will miss my colleagues and friends, I felt that it was time for a change. I heard another country calling me, moved to London in 2010, and started again as a Senior Account Manager at another marketing and design agency.

I enrolled on NLP Practitioner and Coaching Practitioner courses after realising that my purpose in life was to help other people become happy in their job. I finished my courses and am now pursuing MY dream of being a professional marketing and creative start-up Coach. I absolutely LOVE what i am doing now and think life is pretty awesome 🙂

I now support students and small businesses across Europe by giving 1:1 mentoring and coaching as well as group workshops. I am proud to be the University Advisor for Enactus Essex supporting them in changing people's lives.

I have launched a platform for online courses for creative startups.

I am the founder of the first Digital Nomad Town in the world and the Vice President of the European Startup Association.

I am also an author of 'The Start-Up Formula - 6 easy steps to start your own business' 'The Marketing Formula - 6 steps that will make marketing easy for you' 'The Start-Up Yearbook - a guide to document your start-up journey' and 'The Public Speaking Formula - 6 steps that will make you a more confident presenter'

My mission: Make this world a happier place by making YOU happy and love what you do for a living.

Read my published articles here:

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Why I call myself a marketing and start-up Coach and not a Business Coach:

There are many definitions out there about Coaching. For me a Business Coach is someone who helps employees to achieve the company's goals. I, on the other hand, help people achieving their own goal building a startup and market it successfully.

But enough about me, I would be happy to help you to achieve your goals.

Your marketing and creative start-up Coach Christine

This is what people say about me

“Full of life, crazy, creative, lively, helpful, very organised, reliable.” – Zeynep, friend

“Christine owns the words efficiency, passion and good-humoured.” – Anika, previous colleague

“Spontaneous, crazy, flexible, ambitious, organised” – Susi, friend

“At work she is very structured, organised and very dependable.” – Kerstin, previous colleague

“Unique, happy, cheerful, funny, awesome – that’s Christine.” – Sven, previous boss

“Christine brings colour into grey working-days.” – Gregor, previous colleague

“Direct, consistent, versatile, quick, flexible, hard-working.” – my mom

“Funny, loud, organised.” – Magda, friend

My values

Making a difference

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