It is very important that you understand what Coaches do and don’t do.

So, what do I do and how do I do it?

  • I will help you to start up your own business and to get results.
  • I will support you by being there for you.
  • I will assist you to firstly define concrete goals, and then secondly to accomplish them.
  • I will help you to get structure into your start up journey and market it successfully by using coaching, questioning and NLP techniques (for more info on NLP click here).
  • I will challenge you by asking you questions. But, don’t worry,  you will have the answers to them – even though you may think you don’t.
  • I will assist you to explore options that you may not have thought of.
  • I will define an action plan with you so that you always know what to do next.

What don’t I do?

  • Coaches are not Mentors, Counsellors or Therapists.
  • We do not go to the root of an issue. We uncover the main issue that may be holding you back to take action and work on that.
  • We concentrate on the future, rather than the past.
  • We only focus on solutions, not on problems.
  • We don’t give advice, as we know you have all the answers in you already. We help you find them.
  • We may not have specific knowledge of your branch, but we can support you in anything you would like to achieve in your life.

Sounds interesting?

Here are the main differences between Coaching and other professions:
Counselling is primarily concerned with fixing problems by focussing on the past. This is how they get to the root of an issue.
Therapists deal with psychological problems such as panic attacks, phobias, trauma, etc. They use a range of techniques to resolve the issue.
Mentors give advice, and are normally an expert in their field. They are very directional.

If you want to know if coaching is for you, click here.

Take control of your life and taste success. If you feel you would like me as a marketing and start up Coach, contact me. I offer Coaching in person or via phone/Skype. It’s up to you. You will see the benefits of that flexibility.

Your marketing and creative start-up Coach Christine