Dec 13

Unknown Epic


Today, I would like to make you aware of these awesome guys: Unknown Epic! I have met them on the Happy Startup Summercamp this year and I was fascinated by what they are doing. I can’t wait to go on an Unknown Epic trip! I would like to share their inspiring story with you. If you want to know more about them, here are the links to follow them and check them out.

I have interviewed them and here is what they said 🙂

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What is your business?
Unknown Epic is a boutique adventure company creating epic moments that inspire, empower and reconnect people with nature. Using theme park Earth, we are on a mission to help you release your inner hero.

When did you start your business?

The idea was born about a year ago in a pub trying to figure out a plan to escape the office. We registered the company in April 2015 and had our launched in Samoëns at Slope Off festival the same month.

Why did you start your business?
We started Unknown Epic because of our passion for adventure, the feeling it evoked and because we wanted to pass that on to others. Also we both felt being stuck in offices 9-5 was on of the most unnatural things we could be doing with our lives.

Why do you love having your own business?
I love working on Unknown Epic as it gives me the freedom to explore the world and connect with so many interesting people. Everyday feels like an adventure. Starting up is not easy but it is so worth it, building something towards your dreams is so much more rewarding. Everything feels so much more intense, each small win or problem is amplified and life is just 10x more exciting and vibrant.

What were the challenges that you faced/are facing?
The main challenge we are facing at the moment is getting the time to create all the cool thing we envision doing with the company. We are getting there with this and the biggest lesson we found with this is to relax and let things happen organically. When we were setting targets and stressing the small stuff it felt like we were pushing up hill, now we feel like the good things are happening when they are meant to.

What makes you different?
We are not a travel company, we take people on hand crafted expeditions, not tours. From The Deep Chill (3 days in the snow building igloos and focusing on mindfulness). The Cascade Raid ( Canyoning in the one of Europe’s most beautiful locations). Troll Hunting in Norway. The Forgotten Valleys (Epic mountain peaks in the French Alps) to The Great Gig in the sky ( an exclusive mountain top gig)
Our groups are exclusive at 6-10 people maximum this makes sure we offer the most meaningful moments.
We create moments, epic moments!

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