“Hello from Mexico” was the greeting sentence I think I used in every video I posted whilst I was in Mexico – for holidays and to write my next bookThe Marketing-Formula – 6 steps that will make marketing easy for you’. The plan for this 10-day holiday was to relax, unplug and write my book. In the past, I found that getting away from everything helps me to get super productive and get inspired to new things. And here are the reasons why.

  • Get out of your usual environment sparks your creativity.
  • Discovering new places, beaches and hotel rooms wil make you look at things differently.
  • Learning about new cultures, eating different food and talking to new peopole will open your mind.
  • Unplugging from your normal working life frees up your mind and makes space for new idea.

So if you are feeling stuck and need to get things done or need inspiration for new ventures, get away from everything. Whilst I was in Mexico, I have not only relaxed a lot and finished writing my book but also got fantastic new ideas for my next book and another online course! So stay tuned for updates 🙂 If you are interested in getting a copy of my new book, you can get it here.

Here are a few pictures from Mexico that migt inspire you to go there to unplug. Enjoy!

Your Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach Christine



In August I have gone away to Italy again. By now you might know that I am really in love with Italy. The language, the food, the people – everything. I spent 10 days in Sicily. But I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t set myself a goal going there. In fact, I have set myself 3 goals before I went:

  • Improve my Italian
  • Continue writing my book that I have started years ago
  • Relax

And you know what? I did all of the above 🙂

Improve my Italian

Approx. 10 years ago my obsession for Italy started. I don’t really know why but I started to learn Italian with books and took some beginners classes. After my apprenticeship in Marketing and Advertising I decided it was time to go on a journey. Leaving Germany for three months to backpack through Italy. One of the best trips of my life! It was also the first one that I did all by myself. After that I was quite good in Italian. But it was 9 years ago now and if you don’t continue with speaking a language you will forget most. I always came back to Italian and visiting Italy but I never pursued it properly.

Every year I take 4 things of my bucket list and create a bucket list for the year. This year Italian was on it again. I was determined to get conversational fluent in Italian by the end of 2016. I started using apps, reading Italian articles, doing exercises, listening to Italian music and taking private lessons via Skype with my friend in Sicily who owns the Pachamama Centre. I was on track. But it wasn’t enough. I went to the Pachamama Centre and had 2-4 hours a day Italian lessons with Angelo. We started to only talk to each other in Italian. I immersed myself in the language. Now I feel much more confident to have conversations in Italian. Of course I am not amazing yet but I still have a few months before the year is over 🙂 Getting away and fully immerse myself in my goal and the language helped me to make a massive step forward.


Continue writing my book

A few years back, it must be at least 3 by now, I started writing a book – actually I started it in Sardinia. It was about the 6 steps to start your own business, a programme I developed. I was really determined to finish it back then and publish it. I did a course on self-publishing and all. But then life happened. And I didn’t finish it. I think that is what sometimes happen in life and it is ok. You have to accept that not everything is always going to plan.

This year though, the second thing on my bucket list was to finish the book and publish it. So I prepared everything before I left for Sicily, took my laptop and continued writing. You know what? I finished the book in no time! Being away form everything, having no distractions and focussing on that one thing that you want to get done in a different environment, made me so much more productive. The beuatiful setting and weather helped of course 🙂

If you want to know more about my book, click here.



Well, the Pachamama Centre is the perfect place to relax. I knew that because I went there last year for a workwaway. Even though learning a different language is tiring and writing a book is too, I had enough time to relax and dip into the Italian way of life. An afternoon nap, meditation, sunbathing and reading a book recharged my batteries for coming back to the UK.

If you have a goal that you have been procrastinating due to different reasons, I can only recommend going abroad. Get away from everything. Just you and your goal. It will be worth it.

Have a look below for some pictures of my trip to Sicily.

Your marketing and creative start-up Coach Christine

screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-06-59 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-07-06 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-07-14 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-07-21 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-07-34 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-07-42 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-07-50 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-07-59 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-08-06 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-08-13 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-08-22 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-09-08-28

We all have our up and downs in our lives. And sometimes we have just too much on and are stressed. I have been quite stressed recently delivering a lot of different projects and launching my new platform for online courses. What I needed is two weekends away from everything and just do nothing. So I did.

First weekend away: Cock n Bull festival

This was an amazing festival on Lenton Farm near Bath. The money went to Jamie’s Farm (a charity that helps underprivileged kids).  It was a three day festival and the fancy dress theme for Saturday night was ‘famous vegetable’. So I dressed up as a broccoli. Some of you might know Olivier Brocc – the broccoli and lawyer.

There was yummy food, yoga in the morning, massages, playing games, the farmer’s olympics, excellent music from all over the world and fantastic people. We were very lucky with the weather too – sunny and warm. No one took themselves too seriously and everyone was just having fun. I felt extremely refreshed despite the lack of showering and uplifted after that weekend. My head full of new ideas and motivation.

Second weekend away: World Yoga festival

Now this festival was totally different to the Cock n Bull festival – alcohol free, only vegetarian meals and lots of workshops during the day. Every day for me started with a yoga lesson. I tried a new form of yoga – Iyengar Yoga and I enjoyed it a lot. I have also learned about the 5 elements and how you need to balance them when doing yoga. Laughter yoga was a lot of fun.  During the days I attended some workshop about ‘Inner resolution’,  the ‘Path to happiness’ and others. At one day I tried a Gong Meditation class and I have to say I have never meditated that deeply! It was amazing!

The evenings were filled with excellent live music by artists I have never heard of and interesting conversations. The people I have met at this festival very incredibly inspiring and fascinating. I have met someone that designs trolleys for airplanes, someone that works in hospitals for suicidal people, a probation officer, a wilderness therapist, yoga teachers, musicians and many more. It is one of these festivals where you say hello to your lunch or tent neighbor and end up having a great 2 hour conversation.

All this in combination of the beautiful settings of Beale Park in Reading, made me feel extremely relaxed and my creativity seem to have been reawakened. When I was younger (about  12 years old) I wrote a lot of poems – but never since. At the World Yoga Festival I wrote 4 new poems! I am really getting back into that. So watch this space 🙂

My conclusion: Sometimes it is good to get away and just do nothing. You will feel relaxed and motivated again. And who knows what skills will be reawakened.

Enjoy the pics.

Your marketing and creative start-up Coach Christine

Cock N Bull Festival

IMG_1973 IMG_1969 IMG_1968 IMG_1967 IMG_1928 IMG_1906 IMG_1901 IMG_1897 IMG_1869 IMG_1863 IMG_1861 IMG_1855




IMG_2042 IMG_2043 IMG_2044 IMG_2050 IMG_2057 IMG_2065 IMG_2070 IMG_2084 IMG_2086 IMG_2101 IMG_2113


This guest blog post is written by the fantastic Maggi Blankson! She has invented a new generation of ‘milkshakes’ that are dairy free and taste fantastic! She is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to launch the product and there is three more days left to donate. Donations start from £1 – every little helps. So if you can spare a pound or two, please donate.

To find out more about Maggi and her company Bettermylk doing

Instagram: the_bettermylk_co

Email: thebettermylkco@gmail.com

Crowdfunding campaing: https://spsr.me/Kwu3

Here is her guest blog. Enjoy!


My name is Maggi and my business is called The Bettermylk Co. We produce a line of dairy free mylkshake that are 100% lactose free but with all the great taste and creamy deliciousness of a dairy shake. I later plan to expand the line to include Bettermylk yoghurts, ice creams, protein shakes and a whole catalogue dairy treats otherwise inaccessible to those who can’t consume milk.

I got the idea for the business in May 2015, but I would say I actively started working on the business at the start of 2016.

Although I’m neither vegan nor lactose intolerant, my mum and my brother suffer with this intolerance severely, so naturally when it came to grocery shopping trips, for convenience my mum would always buy dairy free products to save the stress. I suffered as the available dairy free products weren’t great substitutes, and was honestly not that enjoyable to consume… I would go in search of other dairy free products apart from dairy free milk and juice/water and I found that there was not a lot of real choice for this category of people so, I started making my own.

I love having the chance to bring my own creative ideas to life and get credit for them. When you work for someone else you might be able to contribute your ideas, but on the outside, you don’t get credit for it… the company or person who you are working for does.

One of the biggest challenges I am facing is funding! Honestly funding is so essential when you’re trying to take a project like this off the ground. I am currently crowdfunding on Click, the university of Essex’ crowdfunding platform and have so far raised £2180 out of our £5000 target. This is amazing but we still have a way to go and only 3 days left to make it happen. So please support us by contributing as little as £1!

The story behind the product is probably what makes me different. It was a part of my life that I never thought would inspire me to start a business so it’s pretty cool that I have made a healthy tasty solution to an everyday inconvenience.

remote working blog


You might have read my blog posts about co-working, digital nomads and workcation? Well this time I will keep it a bit broader and it includes the above: remote working.

Definition of remote work (also called telecommuting)

It as work completed in an environment other than the employer workplace.  This can include working from a home office for employees & contractors and/or working from any other imaginable environment (hotel, beach, in transit, etc.). (http://northcarolinadeportal.com/remotework/what-is-remote-work)

Who is remote working?

  • Most companies on the list of 100% distributed/remote organizations are small, young, and technology centric (http://scottberkun.com/2015/why-isnt-remote-work-more-popular/)
  • The average homeworker in the UK is over 40 (http://stats.cesi.org.uk/WBejournal/WorkingBrief230winter2013.pdf)

Trends for remote working

Remote work continues to trend upward, with 2014 posting a 26% increase in open remote job postings over 2013. (http://fortune.com/2015/02/12/lessons-learned-from-3-companies-that-have-long-embraced-remote-work)

Remote work, defined as working somewhere other than the office one day a week or more, has been on the rise for years and continues to rise. (http://scottberkun.com/2015/why-isnt-remote-work-more-popular/)

94% of UK organisations apparently now offer staff some form of flexible working, while 73% of managers say that their organisation is largely supportive of it (http://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur/the-false-promise-of-remote-working)

The total number for remote working has grown (2014) by 1.3m since 2008, and the proportion of workers who work remotely has grown by 2.8 percentage points. (http://realbusiness.co.uk/article/26870-remote-working-at-highest-level-on-record)

What are the benefits of remote working?

Here are a few of the benefits of remote working:

  • There’s less stress in the office and the workplace — people feel empowered to work in a way that suits them and suits the business (http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/10-things/10-good-reasons-why-working-remotely-makes-sense)
  • Less commuting means a smaller carbon footprint 
  • expand talent pool (http://fortune.com/2015/02/12/lessons-learned-from-3-companies-that-have-long-embraced-remote-work/)
  • improve retention (http://fortune.com/2015/02/12/lessons-learned-from-3-companies-that-have-long-embraced-remote-work/)
  • increase productivity (http://fortune.com/2015/02/12/lessons-learned-from-3-companies-that-have-long-embraced-remote-work/)
  • reduce office space costs (http://fortune.com/2015/02/12/lessons-learned-from-3-companies-that-have-long-embraced-remote-work/)

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workcation blog

The last two blog posts were about co-working and Digital Nomads. I would now like to talk a bit about the term ‘Workcation‘.

Definition of Workcation

  • Blend of work and vacation (http://www.wordsense.eu/workcation)
  • A serendipitous and pleasurable business trip. Blend of work and vacation (http://www.yourdictionary.com/workcation)

Trends for Workcation

New technological innovations, like mobile video conferencing, enable knowledge workers to emerge beyond the four walls of their cubicle and enjoy a more flexible work environment, whether that is at home or abroad. (http://www.lifesize.com/video-conferencing-blog/a-surprising-new-phenomenon)

Workations increasingly act as a pillar for company culture at fledgling startups and existing SMBs (http://blog.pgi.com/2014/08/company-workations-latest-work-trends-for-virtual-teams)

Workcations are the “wave of the future” (http://madamenoire.com/542242/workcations)

Benefits of a Workcation

Here are some benefits of a workcation (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/careers/the-future-of-work/the-rise-of-the-workation-vacationers-pack-their-jobs-in-their-suitcase/article13531514/study by Regus 2013)

  • Boosted creativity from the exposure to different cultures as well as stress reduction for employees
  • Increased flexibility that technology offers to travel while continuing to work at their full-time jobs from the road

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digital nomads blog

Last time I spoke about co-working. Today I would like to write something about ‘Digital Nomads’. Here you go…

Definition of Digital Nomads

Again, there are lots of definitions. Here are two I think represent a great definition.

Digital nomads are individuals who use telecommunications technologies to perform their work duties and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely—from home, coffee shops, public libraries, and even recreational vehicles—to accomplish tasks and goals that traditionally took place in a single, stationary workplace. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_nomad)

A digital nomad is a person who works from a location of his choice and often sets his own schedule. (http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-digital-nomad.htm#didyouknowout)

Who is a Digital Nomad?

Of the almost three quarters (74%) who made a change to be less tied to a physical workplace, 67% became a freelancer and 34% created a virtual business or team. (https://www.upwork.com/blog/2014/02/what-is-digital-nomad)

Digital nomads‘ work as freelance writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more. (http://smallbiztrends.com/2015/04/digital-nomad-jobs-create-new-demand.html)

Many nomads are dual citizens or “third culture kids,” who have grown up with a notion of identity that’s not tied to nationalism or staying in one place. (http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2015/jun/16/digital-nomads-travel-world-search-fast-wi-fi)

Trends for Digital Nomads

In the not far off future working remotely will be the norm for most people and with that extra freedom people will inevitably travel more and take their work with them. (http://www.positivelyrewired.com/work-trends-in-2015-the-rise-of-the-digital-nomad)

Gone are the days of having one job from the time of graduation to retirement. Gaining different experiences within different environments is considered an advantage in today’s market, as it demonstrates flexibility and the ability to adapt. Job hopping is also a result of an increasingly connected world. (http://www.positivelyrewired.com/work-trends-in-2015-the-rise-of-the-digital-nomad)

Thanks to the growing prevalence of freelance livelihoods, a global sharing economy and myriad of digital tools, the number of people who are able to live this life is growing quickly. And in a rapidly urbanising world, where a major city in Asia increasingly offers the same amenities as one in Europe, many people are reaching the realisation they don’t need to stay in one place. (http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2015/jun/16/digital-nomads-travel-world-search-fast-wi-fi)

What are the benefits of being a Digital Nomad?

Here are a few benefits of being a Digital Nomad

  • When you’re living abroad as a digital nomad, your costs are as flexible.
  • Since becoming less tied to a physical workplace, 92% said they’re happier (vs. 6% no change and 2% slightly less happy). (https://www.upwork.com/blog/2014/02/what-is-digital-nomad)
  • Living costs can be less in other countries 

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Today I would like to write about co-working – what is it, what are the trends, who is doing it and what are the benefits?

Definition of co-working

There are different definitions but I like this one:

“coworking” or “co-working,” is a generic word that’s generally used to describe any situation in which two or more people are working in the same place together, but not for the same company. (http://whatiscoworking.com)

Who is co-working?

The typical user of a coworking facility is self-employed, a telecommuter, or a freelance worker (http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/coworking) which means that not only self-employed people use co-working spaces but also people that are employed. Here are some more statistics:

  • 78% of coworkers are under 40 (https://www.officevibe.com/blog/11-incredible-coworking-statistics-infographic)
  • 62% are male, 38% are female (http://www.seointhesun.com/ultimate-coworking-collection/)
  • 47.4% are self-employed, 35.2% work for a small company (less than 10 employees), rest small to large companies (http://www.seointhesun.com/ultimate-coworking-collection )

Trends for co-working

Co-working is a big trend all over the world.

Coworking is covering up more and more regions and cities all around the globe. Although Europe and North America are still ahead of the move, Asia, Africa or, mostly, Latin America, are experiencing what could become soon a boom of coworking spaces in their respective urban centers. (http://coworkingafrica.com/category/coworking-trends)

Four new coworking spaces opening up, on average, every day somewhere on the planet.(http://coworkingafrica.com/category/coworking-trends)

Coworking has been one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial trends of the last decade. (http://www.forbes.com/sites/katherynthayer/2015/06/23/coworking-is-old-news-why-you-should-look-at-collaboration-spaces)

The number of Coworking spaces nearly doubled each year since 2006 (http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/imperia/md/content/department/bauenumwelt/forumbs/2013/61_oettl.pdf):

  • 2006: 35
  • 2010: 600
  • 2012: 2015

What are the benefits of co-working?

Here are some of the benefits of co-working:

  • Increasing productivity, social interaction and knowledge sharing are one of the most important benefits.(http://www.seointhesun.com/ultimate-coworking-collection)
  • 90% believe using a coworking space makes their lives easier (http://www.seointhesun.com/ultimate-coworking-collection)
  • 70% reported they felt healthier than they did working in a traditional office setting (https://www.officevibe.com/blog/11-incredible-coworking-statistics-infographic)
  • Potential Networking
  • Coworking is cheaper than renting an office (http://mobileoffice.about.com/od/glossary/g/coworking.htm)
  • More social time, less alone time (http://www.iedcevents.org/Downloads/Conferences/Spring_12/Welch.pdf)
  • It’s flexible and practical (http://www.bigdatapartnership.com/playing-well-others-coworking-space-versus-traditional-office)

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Jan 24

Creative Retreat

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This month I have been on a Creative Retreat that I have to tell you about because it was amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect from it and what I wanted to get out of it. I just new it sounds like something I would love. And it was!

So what was it?

It was a weekend on a farm in Sussex – surrounded by a beautiful forest. We were 18 women (although it is not just for women) that needed to relax and get the creativity flowing. There were workshops every day that you could attend – yoga, visionboard, Indian dancing, drawing etc., all of us had yummy and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners together and there was more than enough time to relax. I was running a visionboard workshop which was a lot of fun.

Being there for a weekend, helped me to free my mind, focus and come up with lots of new ideas for my business and my personal life. I was able to focus and get inspired. It’s amazing what a bit of time out can do for your inspiration and creativity. But not only that! I have met some fantastic people that gave me a lot of input and made new friends. I can’t wait for the next one! Below photos of the weekend to give you a taste of what it was like 🙂

IMG_7682 IMG_7689 IMG_7693 IMG_7706 IMG_7707 IMG_7709 IMG_7717 IMG_7723 IMG_7730 IMG_7741 IMG_7752 IMG_7754 IMG_7774 IMG_7788 IMG_7790 IMG_7793 IMG_7797 IMG_7799 IMG_7800 IMG_7817IMG_7828 IMG_7832 IMG_7834 IMG_7840 IMG_7854


Need time out to focus on your business? Come to Sicily!

Take time out and focus on your business, get inspired and meet great people! Come to my Marketing Retreat in Sicily and work with 10 other entrepreneurs on your marketing strategy whilst enjoying the view over a beautiful vineyard. Early bird tickeets are available until the end of February. More info here.


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Dec 13

Unknown Epic

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Today, I would like to make you aware of these awesome guys: Unknown Epic! I have met them on the Happy Startup Summercamp this year and I was fascinated by what they are doing. I can’t wait to go on an Unknown Epic trip! I would like to share their inspiring story with you. If you want to know more about them, here are the links to follow them and check them out.

I have interviewed them and here is what they said 🙂

Web: www.unknownepic.com
Email: team@unknownepic.com
FB: www.facebook.com/UnknownEpic
Twitter : twitter.com/UnKnownEpicTeam
Instagram : http://instagram.com/unknownepic


What is your business?
Unknown Epic is a boutique adventure company creating epic moments that inspire, empower and reconnect people with nature. Using theme park Earth, we are on a mission to help you release your inner hero.

When did you start your business?

The idea was born about a year ago in a pub trying to figure out a plan to escape the office. We registered the company in April 2015 and had our launched in Samoëns at Slope Off festival the same month.

Why did you start your business?
We started Unknown Epic because of our passion for adventure, the feeling it evoked and because we wanted to pass that on to others. Also we both felt being stuck in offices 9-5 was on of the most unnatural things we could be doing with our lives.

Why do you love having your own business?
I love working on Unknown Epic as it gives me the freedom to explore the world and connect with so many interesting people. Everyday feels like an adventure. Starting up is not easy but it is so worth it, building something towards your dreams is so much more rewarding. Everything feels so much more intense, each small win or problem is amplified and life is just 10x more exciting and vibrant.

What were the challenges that you faced/are facing?
The main challenge we are facing at the moment is getting the time to create all the cool thing we envision doing with the company. We are getting there with this and the biggest lesson we found with this is to relax and let things happen organically. When we were setting targets and stressing the small stuff it felt like we were pushing up hill, now we feel like the good things are happening when they are meant to.

What makes you different?
We are not a travel company, we take people on hand crafted expeditions, not tours. From The Deep Chill (3 days in the snow building igloos and focusing on mindfulness). The Cascade Raid ( Canyoning in the one of Europe’s most beautiful locations). Troll Hunting in Norway. The Forgotten Valleys (Epic mountain peaks in the French Alps) to The Great Gig in the sky ( an exclusive mountain top gig)
Our groups are exclusive at 6-10 people maximum this makes sure we offer the most meaningful moments.
We create moments, epic moments!

UnknownEpic1 UnknownEpic2 UnknownEpic3 UnknownEpic4 UnknownEpic5 UnknownEpic7 UnknownEpic9 UnknownEpic10