Jun 25

Social Media for business

Most businesses use or at least want to use social media to engage with their potential clients but just don’t know where to start. I have developed ‘The Social Media Formula – 6 steps that will make social media easy’.

Step 1 – Target audience

Define your ideal client. This will help you to identify the right social media channel. Who do you want to buy your products or services? Where can you find them? Which social media channels do they use? This will also help you to create content they want and engage with.

Step 2 – Define your topics

What topics should you post about? What will be of interest for your target audience – not for you. Create 12 topics for the year, using a content calendar (you can download a free one in my freebies section) so you can plan ahead.

Step 3 – Know what to post

Having topics defined is good but what can you actually post? You can write a blog post about the topic and post it, post other people’s blog posts about the topic, quotes, statistics etc. There are a lot of things that already exist, so that you don’t have to create all the content yourself.

Step 4 – Create the posts

Create posts that will spark interest in your target audience’s mind. Use tools like Canva or other tools to help you creating nice looking imagery.

Step 5 – Post the content

Rather than posting on all social media networks individually, you can schedule them for all of them using tools like Hootsuite.

Step 6 – Engage your audience

You need to engage your audience, otherwise it is just a waste of your and their time. Find out what is of interest for them and ask questions.

In my free Online CourseThe Social Media Formula – 6 steps that will make social media easy’ I go through all those steps in detail. Sign up – it’s free!

Your Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach Christine

About the Author:

Hi, my name is Christine Michaelis and with my program CHANGE I help people in the creative industry to start-up their own business. Having worked as an Account Manager and Strategic Consultant in Marketing and Advertising for over ten years now, I know what it feels like not being as motivated and happy in your job as you used to be and the urge to start something by yourself. And that is what I have done. I am a creative start-up Coach and certified NLP Practitioner. I strongly believe that if you love what you do, you are much happier in your life. With me, you will get clarity, discover values, analyse who your ideal client is, narrow down the steps involved in setting up your own business, grow your confidence and engage your audience. And if you fancy becoming your own marketing expert, my program RESULT will help you with that. My current clients include Photographers, Creatives, Account Manager and Landscape Architects. But there are much more creative professions out there. So, contact me to talk about how I can help you and a free consultation at hello@christinethecoach.com

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