At the end of August I went on another adventure – a workaway in Sicily.

Working on a vineyard in Sicily was on my bucket list for this year, along with learn how to play the ukulele (I can play 10 songs by now), seeing the Northern Lights (I went to Iceland in March) and learn how to dance Salsa (I started having private lessons).

The two weeks workaway def go on my top ten list of the things I have done so far. I had an amazing time in the Pachamama Centre.

It was so relaxing and inspiring. I learned a few more songs for my ukulele, explored the surrounding area, relaxed in the sun on the roof terrace and got inspiration for a new business idea I am working on with a friend now.

One of the highlights was to meet the host’s (Angelo) family and make fresh, organic, Sicilian food – because Sicilians are obsessed with food as English are obsessed with the weather… One day we an aubergine paste which is so delicious that I had it for lunch and dinner every day 🙂 The other night we made ‘Siciliana’ which is Sicilian pizza (very small calzones). I had also all kind of other lovely Sicilian food such as ‘granita’ which is like ice-cream but not really. They eat that for lunch there 🙂

But it is not just the food that I loved about Sicily – The island is beautiful, the people are so open and nice and it is Italy (I am obsessed with Italy) 🙂

So, why am I sharing this experience with you? I think everyone should go on a workaway or travel alone at least once. You will see how inspirational it is! If you are looking for new ideas and new ways for your business, this is a great and economic way to get away from your desk and experience something amazing! So plan your next adventure and let me know how it goes!

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Come to Sicily with me!

Do you want to go to that vineyard yourself? Here is your chance! Come to my Marketing Retreat in Sicily and work with 10 other entrepreneurs on your marketing strategy whilst enjoying the view over a beautiful vineyard. Early bird tickeets are available until the end of February. More info here.


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