• "I loved Christine's energy and positivity. The time went quite quickly and I never lost interest. I thought it was an excellent day." Nicky Mitchell

  • Christine was refreshingly genuine and got the message across in an effective and entertaining way. I think that's the best way for anything to stick really." Amaka Molokwu, student

If you need marketing help for your business, I am the right person for you! I will not only help you to understand marketing better but also in a very practical way. There are different ways you can work with me 1:1 (Skype or in person):

  • 1-hour sessions
  • Breakthrough Day
  • Going thorugh the full programme 'The Marketing Formula - 6 steps that will make marketing easy'

All of these will be tailored around your needs and routines. For all of the above, we will start with a free consultation to get clarity of what you need help with.

1-hour sessions

After our free consultation, we decide what we want to work on. Then we have successive sessions via Skype or in person. One off sessions are £100/session (£90 for Skype sessions). The more sessions you book, the cheaper the sessions get. Contact me now to book your free consultation.

Breakthrough Day

This is the most popular way to work with me. After the free consultation, I will put a schedule together for an entire day (8 hours) that we work on a specific issue that you have. People like the Breakthrough Days as they just have to invest 1 day and get everything they need to start working on their marketing (the understanding and the practical tools). A Breakthrough Day costs £450 (£430 for Skype) and can be broken down into 2 half days (4 hours each). Contact me now to book your free consultation.

The Marketing Formula - 6 steps that will make marketing easy

This is the full programme and we work through it together bit by bit over a preriod of time. Depending on your time, it takes a few weeks or months. It is really up to your routine and schedule and how you can fit it in. The full programme costs £950 (£850 for Skype). Afterwards you will understand marketing, you will have a 1-year marketing plan in place and know exactly how to do it. Here is an outline of the programme. Contact me now to book your free consultation.

It's using the acronym RESULT

  • Recognise yourself - Create a powerful marketing mindset, discover your and your company's values
  • Evaluate the market - Define your ideal client, analyse the market and competitors, explore trends
  • Show them what you've got - Create your story, analyse your product and set pricing for your product or services
  • Unite all your knowledge - Put your marketing plan together
  • Launch your activities - Implement your marketing strategy and learn methods to manage your time better
  • Talk about your business - Improve your networking, develop your elevator pitch, enhance your body language
Recognise yourself

This is all about you and your company and creating a powerful marketing mindset. Put your mind in the right position to understand marketing. Discover your and your company's values to be able to make decisions much easier. Every decision you will make, will be aligned with your values and will therefore lead to an easier decision process.

Evaluate the market

Having an ideal client defines, will be the basis for all your marketing activities. You will:

  • know what they like, love, don't like and think.
  • know where to find them and therefor don't waste any money on marketing.
  • know your tone of voice and how to reach them best.
  • know what your competitors are doing and what the market looks like which will help you to define products and prices.
  • identify trends and react accordingly.
  • find out what makes you stand out.
Show them what you've got

Show your passion and expertise. What made you choose to go that way? People buy people and want to know who they are working with. After having all the steps above in place, you can now easily review or create your products and set the them at the right price.

Unite your knowledge

This is where everything comes together. Put your marketing plan together for the next 30 days, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Be realistic and define all activities offline and online. How much time will they take and what costs are involved?

Launch your activities

Start implementing. Optimise your social media profiles. Ask me all the questions you might have. Discover strategies to stay focussed and be more productive so that you have time for other things in life as well.

Talk about your business

Create your elevator pitch so that you can explain to people what you do in an understandable, easy to remember way. Learn the basics about networking. Discover that networking is nothing else than having a conversation about your passion. Enhance your body language to built rapport quicker.

This is how it works

We will meet for a 1/2 day to create your powerful marketing mindset, your ideal client and discover your and your company's values. We will also get the structure in place for an elaborate market and competitor analysis. After you have done the market and competitor analysis, we will meet for a breakthrough day to analyse the trends and create your story. We will conduct a product analysis and define the pricing of your products and/or service. Afterwards we will go through how to create your marketing plan. Having worked out your marketing plan, we will meet again to go through it and define how and when you will implement the marketing activities. This also included time management strategies. The last session  will be about how to improve your networking skills, develop your elevator pitch and enhance your body language.

Take the first step today and contact me for a free consultation or book below. Also check out my program The Start-Up Formula® - 6 easy steps to start your own business that will support you through all steps of your start up journey.

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