The Public Speaking Formula -6 steps that will make you a more confident presenter

Why I wrote this book

I have given hundreds of talks, speeches, workshops and seminars to all kind of different audiences. I always received really good and constructive feedback. I am someone who always strives to improve. I love talking in front of people, transferring my knowledge and inspire and motivate people – helping them to achieve what they desire. Public speaking comes quite naturally to me. In 2007 I attended a 3 day public speaking workshop. It was a very intense one in which we all had to present in front of each other and then analysed every presentation in groups. This took my presentation skills to the next level. Since then I have given hundreds of presentations, which enhanced my presentation skills by miles.

Lately, more and more people asked me about how I became so confident in public speaking and if I could teach them how to become a better public speaker. I run lots of presentation skills workshops in the past and thought I combine all my knowledge that I gained over the years by attending training and being a public speaker and put it in an easy to follow structure in this
book. I gave the structure a name ‘IMPACT – 6 easy steps that will make you a more confident presenter’ – an acronym that will make it easier for you to remember the steps. Once you have worked your way through the 6 steps, you will be able to be a public speaker or take your public speaking to the next step.

After reading and working through this book, you will have put everything in place that you need to be confident, be yourself, prepare for presentation and putting presentations together.

And here it is – The Public Speaking Formula™, ‘IMPACT‘ – an acronym standing for:

Identify the real you

 This section is all about being yourself – all the time. But what is the real you? A lot of times people don’t know. I will help you finding it out. I will also give you confidence-building techniques in this chapter.

Make it good

‘Make it good’ is about the preparation. A good preparation is the basis for a good presentation. What do you need to prepare for? This chapter will guide you through it.

Present it your way

Being a good public speaker has many factors. Not only is it about the way you speak, your content and body language (we will look at all these things in this book) but also the presentation itself. This is what we talk about at step 3 ‘Present it your way’.

All about the language

We will look at becoming more aware of your body language but also at the actual language that you are using and what preferences people have.

Contact them

In this section we look at the aftermath. What to do after a presentation. You need to ensure you stay in contact with your audience even after your talk.

Things to consider

How can you handle stage fright? What can you do when you lose the plot? What if things go wrong? How can I handle questions?

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