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Marketing Retreat In Sicily

1 intense week to focus on your business and get things done


Take time out to work on your business in a relaxing atmosphere in sunny Sicily.


Marketing made easy. Create a marketing strategy for the year and implement it.


Meet other interesting and inspiring people.


Participate in local activities and enjoy yourself!

What is this?

Have an awesome week in sunny Sicily that will transform your business!

The purpose of this retreat is to be able to take time out to work on your business with the focus on marketing made easy. Go abroad to detach from stress AND even more important to give yourself the time and space to process the things you have learned and implement them.

After this week you will not only have met great people but have built genuine, deep relationships that will benefit you and your business. You will feel inspired, come up with new ideas but also have an action plan in place for your next year of marketing. Stop wasting money to market your products and services to people that won't buy them. Get clarity and implement your ideas.

 This  7-day marketing retreat in Sicily will take place 27.08.-03.09.2016 (Saturday-Saturday)

It is run by me and hosted by Angelo who has a beautiful vineyard in Nicolosi at the South Slope of Mount Etna: http://www.pachamamacentre.it

One week that will set the groundwork for your next year's marketing activities. A workcation - a place where you combine your work with a vacation. Create a marketing strategy but also discover Sicily and enjoy Sicilian food.

Spaces are limited to 10 people.


Who is it for?

This marketing retreat is for small businesses and start-ups that want to take time out to really focus on their business and get the space to digest new information and ideas and implement it.

You want to know more about marketing, how it works, how to save money to target the right people to either implement it yourself or outsource it? Then this marketing retreat is for you!

If you already know some stuff about marketing but want to deepen your knowledge or take some time to actually do it, then this marketing retreat is for you!

You want to detach from all the stress and focus properly on your business to move forward? Come to this week and you will feel relaxed, inspired and will have everything in place to transform your business and move forward.

You are a bit overwhelmed by the whole topic marketing because you either haven't done it before or you just don't have time to deal with it? Then this retreat gives you all the tools, connections and time to do that!

You want to find an efficient way to create a marketing strategy for an entire year, learn how to implement it and make great connections? This is one intense week to create the groundwork for your marketing activities.


How does it work?

You will arrive on a Saturday and leave the Saturday the following week. You will stay in a Bed & Breakfast nearby. We will pick you up in the morning and bring you to the vineyard. In the mornings (from Sunday till Friday) I will run workshops that you can attend.

Before and after the lunch break, you will be able to work on what you have just learned or on other things that you choose to work on either alone, in groups and/or with me. If you prefer to go out and discover the island you can do that instead. It is totally up to you how involved you want to get.

If you want to, we all get together in the evenigs for dinner and other activities such as pizza making using a stone oven, wine making explained and a food safari.

Wednesday will be a day off and you can join us for a guided tour on Mt. Etna.

I would like to outline the week with a short story:

Adele has started her business a while ago but it is not taking off as she wished it would be. She doesn't really know ho to go about the whole marketing stuff. She would love to understand how it works and not waste money on marketing activities that don't get her business anywhere. She went to a few marketing workshops but never really had the time to process the information or even implement what she has learned. Most of the workshops she went to were too high level anyway and didn't give her what she needed to get started. There are always other things coming up that ask for her attention that will actually pay her bill. She felt a bit stuck and constantly catching up with new tasks.

Then she heard about the marketing retreat in Sicily. She booked her space and was now sitting in the plane on her way to Catania. She has already met a few of the other participants at the airport and got involved in a few interesting conversations. When she arrived at the airport and left the plane, she felt the hot Sicilian sun on her skin. She already stated relaxing and had a smile on her face. She was quite excited to spend the week here with 10 other like-minded people.

Angelo, the owner of the vineyard she is going to spend the week on, greeted her and picked her up from the airport with some of the other participants. They drove through beautiful landscapes to arrive in Nicolosi where they were dropped off at their Bed and Brekfast Hotel.

She unpacked and went for a walk in town. In the evening everyone met up for some dinner to get to know each other. What a wonderful crowd! She loved this week already! After a good night sleep Adele and the others were picked up and within a few mintes they were on the actual location - the beautiful vineyard! The sun was shining and the view was stunning and relaxing. After a bit of chatting and some ice breaker exercises they all gathered in the lounge to attend the first workshop of the week. It was a fun and interactive workshop about how to set a marketing mindset and a structure to work through for your marketing activities.

After that, they all started working on their own business, some worked in pairs, on their own or in smaller groups and talked to Christine about their business. When lunch was ready, they all sat on the terrace enjoying the view over the vineyard. Afterwards Adele went back to work. But somehow it didn't really felt like work. It just was like talking to inspirational people and coming up with great ideas for her own business. This felt great! She could get used to working like this. She already felt detached from the stress.

She was looking forward to the pizza making in the evening. Angelo has this big stone oven that she will make her own pizza in, eating it on the terrace with the others. Having some wine and other Sicilian specialties.

After a first procuctive day, she was driven back to her Bed and Breakfast.

After a few days like this, it was a day off. All of them decided they would like to take part in the Mt. Etna tour and dicover more of the surroundings. A few more adventures like the food safari made the week even more interesting.

She couldn't believe it was already Saturday again. She felt so relaxed, inspired and productive after this amazing week! She now has a much better understandin how to market her business, has an action plan in place that she already started implementing, made some new friends, even met someone she wants to do some projects with. She was surprised how one week could make all the difference - she knew why. Because she had the time and space to focus on her business and process the new information. She hugged everyone goodbye and made her way back to the airport.

What will I learn?

The workshops will be tailored to the group that is attending the retreat. I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire to ensure you will get exactly what you would like to learn. You don't have to attend the workshops, you can just work on your business alone, in groups or with me.

Here are a few things I think might be of interest for the participants. You will also have a lot of time to work either 1:1 with me or in groups or, if you prefer, by yourself.

  • 6 steps to become your own marketing expert
  • Discover your values and define your ideal client
  • Create your story
  • Develop a marketing mindset
  • Low cost and no cost marketing ideas
  • How to improve your social media profiles
  • how to master social media
  • Hootsuite explained
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • Visionboarding
  • Networking tips
  • Create your elevator pitch
  • Canva explained
  • How to create a marketing plan
  • How to build a website in wordpress


What is included?

The price will include:

  • Accomodation in a breakfast near the vineyard
  • Breakfast in your accomodation
  • Vegetarian lunch
  • Some dinners
  • Guided tour to Mt. Etna
  • All workshops
  • Workbooks
  • Additional activities such as pizza making, wine making explained, guided food safari (food itself will be additional costs)
  • Networking
  • An awesome time

How much does it cost?

Early bird tickets cost £1,200 which will be paid in 3 installments. The normal ticket price will be £1,300. Also paid in 3 installments as per above explanation.

And don't forget: This is a business expense 🙂


Where and when is it?

The marketing retreat will take place in the Pachamama Centre in Sicily Nicolosi. You will need to fly to Catania. The next dates are TBC.