May 28

How writing a book will help you to market your business

Have you ever thought about writing a non-fiction book? Do you wonder how a book might help you to market your business more effectively? You might have read in my previous blog post that I recently wrote my second book ‘The Marketing Formula – 6 steps that will make marketing easy’. Writing a book has become a popular way for business owners to build their business, especially among coaches, consultants, therapists who offer a service to their clients. If you’re wondering why this is and how to get started, then enjoy this month’s guest blog by Karen Williams, the Book Mentor from Librotas.

5 Ways That Writing A Book Will Help You To Market And Grow Your Business

Here are 5 ways that writing a book will help you to market and grow your business.

  1. You’ll get clearer on your message

With many of my clients, the act of sitting down to plan and write their book helps them to define their message and what they actually want to get known for. Writing a business building book is not about taking everything you know and putting it down on paper; it’s about being strategic with your book topic, helping your prospective readers with where they need your support.

  1. It builds your credibility and helps you to stand out

When there are many other people running a business similar to yours, being a published author helps you to stand out. When you write the right book that is aligned to your business, it will help to position you as an expert and thought leader. It gives you a tool to build your credibility in your field and become a go-to person in your area of expertise.

  1. It’s an easy way for people to get to know you and become a customer

If you’re running a service business, people often won’t experience you personally unless they sign up for your one-to-one services or a product that you sell. A book gives you a low cost and easy way for more people to get to know you. Simple strategies like encouraging your readers to sign up for your mailing list and adding more value via bonuses and additional information will help the right people to take the next step and become a client.

  1. You’ll learn to value your knowledge and charge what you’re worth

Many people forget the value of what they know. Often what you find easy is the thing that you need to teach others through your work, and also through your book. When I work with clients, we don’t just focus on their book – although this will be the end product that they create – we also work on how they value their expertise, package up their services, and charge what they’re worth.

  1. You’ll build your community of people who love what you do

When coupled with a strong launch plan, writing a book is a good way to build your community. By encouraging others to support you with your launch, you can reach more people than you can alone. You may choose to write guest blog posts like this, have people review your book, go down the crowdfunding route or seek PR for your book. There are many other things you can do to raise the profile of your business and your book.

Next steps

If you enjoyed this blog and would like to find out how you can build your business through your book, then get a copy of Karen’s new book, Book Marketing Made Simple, which is launching on Wednesday 7 June. To sign up for advance notice of the launch, go and register at When you buy her new book on this date you’ll get bonuses worth hundreds of pounds that will help you to write and market a book that builds your business.

About Karen Williams

Karen Williams is the Book Mentor at Librotas. She works with business experts who want to write a non-fiction book that grows their business, raises their credibility and attracts higher-paying clients. Karen helps them to overcome their fears, have the courage to share their wisdom, and ultimately change lives through their writing.

As well as running her own publishing company, Librotas Books, Karen is the author of 5 business books: Book Marketing Made Simple, The Mouse That Roars, Your Book is the HookHow to Stand Out in Your Business and the Amazon #1 bestseller The Secrets of Successful Coaches.

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