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In today’s blog post I would like to introduce you to a service that I came across that is going to help you in your start-up journey and is an interesting read: Linkilaw

This guest blog post is written by Alexandra Isenegger. She is the Founder and CEO of Linkilaw. Alexandra’s mission as both a legal professional and a startup founder is to revolutionise the law as we know it: to make it transparent, trustworthy and trouble-free. Using Linkilaw is free. If you have any questions, you can email her. Enjoy the read.


My name is Alexandra Isenegger and I am the Founder and CEO of Linkilaw. Linkilaw is a personalised legal marketplace. We provide customers with the opportunity to not only compare lawyer costs, be matched with the perfect lawyer to resolve their problems, but also unrivalled customer service. Our existing network of lawyers are some of the best legal minds in the United Kingdom and have been vetted to ensure their excellence. At Linkilaw we understand that a client may need a lawyer who specialises in a rare type of law, which is why our network practices all types.

Linkilaw was started in the hope to remedy the lack of trust and transparency that are prevalent in today’s legal industry. Having unrivalled and effective access to legal advice is a human right that has too often been disregarded in the past. Linkilaw’s mission is to make law trustworthy, transparent and trouble­-free for everyone alike. We’ve worked with hundreds of startups since our inception 18 months ago. Having experienced first hand the astronomical cost of legal services, we observed that many startups will bypass legal advice altogether. This increased the likelihood of startups being caught in disputes and in some cases even led companies to their downfall. That’s why we came up with a cost effective solution. Our startup packs contain all the most important contracts any startup is likely to require. We personalise each contract on the business’ behalf, whilst still saving startups 80% of the cost of a lawyer. Now startups can grow confidently, with the knowledge that their legal compliance has been taken care of.

I love working at Linkilaw. The best part about it is having the chance to meet and learn more about new and exciting businesses each day. To see someone reach out, confused and bewildered by the law, and to see them become more confident and knowledgeable about it is priceless. What were the challenges that you faced/are facing? The challenges we’ve faced are akin to that of many startups. It is necessary to create an offering that people truly want. For us, that offering was to find the most specialised lawyers, who we had to vet. Vetting lawyers can be a difficult task: until a lawyer has carried out actual legal work, it is difficult to say for sure whether they are good at what they do. Research, surveys and customer feedback has enabled us to develop a unique metric for vetting lawyers. This was very challenging, but nevertheless necessary if we were to follow our mission of making law trustworthy, transparent and trouble-­free for everyone alike.

What’s next? Expansion, expansion, expansion. With the help of our partner network UK wide, we envision Linkilaw to be the leading company for anything legal. We want to educate people and companies about their rights and obligations. We want to educate lawyers on how to better serve their clients. Pushing the boundaries of the status quo, we envision that the skepticism gap between client and lawyer will shrink, and eventually become oblivious. We will restore faith in the legal industry by benefiting the people it is intended to serve.

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