After understanding what start up Coaching is, you should ask yourself if it is for you, before hiring a start up Coach.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out:
Do I need a lot of direction from someone to achieve what I want?
Do I need to be told what to do?
If the answers are yes, then you may consider talking to a Mentor or Directional Coach.

Are you motivated to make the change you want in your life?
Am I ready to …
… work to achieve your goals?
… explore options your haven’t yet thought of?
… be challenged?
… commit to change?
… take action?
… start up my own business?
… market my own business successfully?

If your answers are yes, then you just need to find the right Coach for you. I would be happy to be yours.

You might also ask yourself “What is it like to have a Coach?”
Having one will help you structure your start up journey and get the results you want. You will feel motivated, as you will see success in what you are doing. Investing in a marketing and start-up Coach is investing in your business. How does that sound?

However, you need to be prepared: You are not only committing to yourself, but also to the start up Coach, as they are helping you to move forward. So remember: If you don’t take action, then you won’t get results.

So, am I the right marketing and start-up Coach for you?

Your marketing and start-up Coach Christine