Sep 27

Happy Startup Summercamp 2015

Some of you might remember that I went to the Happy Startup Summercamp organised by the Happy Startup School and it was awesome! So this year I just had to go again. And it was again excellent. Not only did we have luck with the weather again, but this year we also had a sauna which we made a lot of use of 🙂

A weekend that gave me another happy-high that will last for a very long time, inspiration, meeting old friends, making new friends and good connections. I have met, amongst other great people, Eiji Han Shimizu  who talked about how he experienced happiness. I just watched his documentary ‘Happy‘ and I strongly recommend that you watch it as well. His talk at the Summercamp gave me a different angle to how to achieve true happiness. Very inspiring man!

Sanderson Jones was, again, a great host and even though his Sunday Assembly made us all cry – we loved it!

The talk by Unknown Epic made me want to book my next adventure already. Jake said in his talk that ‘Make this life a wonderful adventure’ goes off as an alarm every day on his phone. I have the same alarm now in my phone 🙂

The ukulele workshop by The Power of Uke gave me the chance to use my ukulele that weekend. But there were many more workshops that I attended and that were great such as Impact DNA by Richard Alderson, ‘Dream Business Planning’ by Jack Hubbard and Marianne Cantwell (I already ordered her book ‘Free Range Humans‘) and ‘Creating a Happy Workplace’ by Alexander Kjerulf. I was even able to create my own tea with the Bluebird Tea Company.

It was a great weekend and I can’t wait for next year!

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