Apr 30

How getting away helps you to get inspired

“Hello from Mexico” was the greeting sentence I think I used in every video I posted whilst I was in Mexico – for holidays and to write my next bookThe Marketing-Formula – 6 steps that will make marketing easy for you’. The plan for this 10-day holiday was to relax, unplug and write my book. In the past, I found that getting away from everything helps me to get super productive and get inspired to new things. And here are the reasons why.

  • Get out of your usual environment sparks your creativity.
  • Discovering new places, beaches and hotel rooms wil make you look at things differently.
  • Learning about new cultures, eating different food and talking to new peopole will open your mind.
  • Unplugging from your normal working life frees up your mind and makes space for new idea.

So if you are feeling stuck and need to get things done or need inspiration for new ventures, get away from everything. Whilst I was in Mexico, I have not only relaxed a lot and finished writing my book but also got fantastic new ideas for my next book and another online course! So stay tuned for updates 🙂 If you are interested in getting a copy of my new book, you can get it here.

Here are a few pictures from Mexico that migt inspire you to go there to unplug. Enjoy!

Your Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach Christine



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