Sep 30

Why getting away from everything makes you more productive

In August I have gone away to Italy again. By now you might know that I am really in love with Italy. The language, the food, the people – everything. I spent 10 days in Sicily. But I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t set myself a goal going there. In fact, I have set myself 3 goals before I went:

  • Improve my Italian
  • Continue writing my book that I have started years ago
  • Relax

And you know what? I did all of the above 🙂

Improve my Italian

Approx. 10 years ago my obsession for Italy started. I don’t really know why but I started to learn Italian with books and took some beginners classes. After my apprenticeship in Marketing and Advertising I decided it was time to go on a journey. Leaving Germany for three months to backpack through Italy. One of the best trips of my life! It was also the first one that I did all by myself. After that I was quite good in Italian. But it was 9 years ago now and if you don’t continue with speaking a language you will forget most. I always came back to Italian and visiting Italy but I never pursued it properly.

Every year I take 4 things of my bucket list and create a bucket list for the year. This year Italian was on it again. I was determined to get conversational fluent in Italian by the end of 2016. I started using apps, reading Italian articles, doing exercises, listening to Italian music and taking private lessons via Skype with my friend in Sicily who owns the Pachamama Centre. I was on track. But it wasn’t enough. I went to the Pachamama Centre and had 2-4 hours a day Italian lessons with Angelo. We started to only talk to each other in Italian. I immersed myself in the language. Now I feel much more confident to have conversations in Italian. Of course I am not amazing yet but I still have a few months before the year is over 🙂 Getting away and fully immerse myself in my goal and the language helped me to make a massive step forward.


Continue writing my book

A few years back, it must be at least 3 by now, I started writing a book – actually I started it in Sardinia. It was about the 6 steps to start your own business, a programme I developed. I was really determined to finish it back then and publish it. I did a course on self-publishing and all. But then life happened. And I didn’t finish it. I think that is what sometimes happen in life and it is ok. You have to accept that not everything is always going to plan.

This year though, the second thing on my bucket list was to finish the book and publish it. So I prepared everything before I left for Sicily, took my laptop and continued writing. You know what? I finished the book in no time! Being away form everything, having no distractions and focussing on that one thing that you want to get done in a different environment, made me so much more productive. The beuatiful setting and weather helped of course 🙂

If you want to know more about my book, click here.



Well, the Pachamama Centre is the perfect place to relax. I knew that because I went there last year for a workwaway. Even though learning a different language is tiring and writing a book is too, I had enough time to relax and dip into the Italian way of life. An afternoon nap, meditation, sunbathing and reading a book recharged my batteries for coming back to the UK.

If you have a goal that you have been procrastinating due to different reasons, I can only recommend going abroad. Get away from everything. Just you and your goal. It will be worth it.

Have a look below for some pictures of my trip to Sicily.

Your marketing and creative start-up Coach Christine

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