"My wife and I have just finished a ten day immersion program with Christine. It is my pleasure to give written feedback on the work we have covered together. After many years of struggling with various project managers we finally know we are moving forward. We liked Christine from our first encounter and she quickly had an organised clarity of our wants and needs. I had expected her to bring about some direction and hoped she would be able to work with us in positive manner. She has far exceeded my hopes and has empowered us to see the real potential and possibilities of our business dreams. Her style of working made us feel instantly at ease, productivity and creativity flowed easily from her approach. I can quite honestly say that I have enjoyed working with Christine far more than anyone else - ever. She is so much fun to be with but also very direct and capable in her working methods. I would recommend her to anyone starting or needing guidance in a new business. I give this testimonial with gratitude for and appreciation of Christine." Lionel Palatine; Co-Founder and Director of Healthy Happy Hub Ltd

If you need support  for starting your business, I am the right person for you! I will not only help you to structure all tasks involved in starting your own business but but also in a very practical way. There are different ways you can work with me 1:1 (Skype or in person):

  • 1-hour sessions
  • Breakthrough Day
  • Going thorugh the full programme 'The Start-Up Formula - 6 easy steps to start your own business'

All of the above will be tailored around your routines and needs. For all them, we will have a free consultation before we start to get clarity of what you need help with.

1-hour sessions

After our free consultation, we will define what we want to work on.  We then have successive sessions via Skype or in person. One off sessions cost £100/session (£90 for a Skype session). Contact me to book your free consultation.

Breakthrough Day

This is the most popular way to work with me. After the free consultation, I will put a schedule together for an entire day (8 hours) that we work on a specific topic. My clients like the Breakthrough Days as they just have to invest 1 day and get everything they need to start working. A Breakthrough Day is £450 (£430 for Skype) and can be split into 2 half days (4 hours each). Contact me to book your free consultation.

The Start-Up Formula - 6 easy steps to start your own business

The programme consists of 11 Coaching sessions (1:1), 1 Q&A session that is dedicated to all your questions plus a free consultation upfront and email support in between session. The time it takes is depending on how much time you can invest. Usually it can take 3-5 months. The costs include preparation of each session and notes that you will receive after each session. To support you in person to love what you do for a living, I allow myself to charge you £1050 (£950 via Skype). Contact me to book your free consultation. 

It is easily remembers by the acronym CHANGE:

  • Clarity - Find out what makes you happy and set a clear goal.
  • Hold on to your values - Discover your and/or your future company's values.
  • Analyse who you want to work with - Define your ideal client and colleagues to know what and who you are looking for.
  • Narrow down the steps involved - Write down all the steps involved to achieve your goal.
  • Grow your confidence - Ensure you are confident enough to move forward.
  • Engage your audience - Develop a marketing plan to market yourself and/or your future company.

Having clarity is very important and supports you in achieving your goal. If you don't know where you want to be, how do you know you achieved it? And which way to go to get there?

Hold on to your values

Knowing your values will make it easy for you to make decisions as they have to be based on your values. Every decision should be aligned with your values and makes everything an easy "Yes" or "No" decision.

Analyse who you want to work with

What is the best tone of voice to use to reach your target audience? What do they love or hate? What do they struggle with? What can you offer to help them? This will be the basis for all your marketing activities.

Narrow down the steps involved

Start up a business can be overwhelming. Put it all down on paper, structure and prioritise it to get things done more efficient.

Grow your confidence

Every entrepreneur has a point in her/his start up journey where things seem not as bright as usual. NLP techniques will help you to grow your confidence and stay motivated.

Engage your audience

Write a marketing plan that will deliver the goals you have set. Define the next year with easy doable chunks. How much will everything cost in time and money?

Take the first step to CHANGE today and contact me today for a free consultation or to get any questions answered.

Your Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach Christine

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Skype/In Person

Free Consultation
Bespoke 1:1 session

Breakthrough Day

The Start-Up Formula

Skype/In Person

Free Consultation
Goal Setting
Ideal Client
Steps Involved
Marketing Plan
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