If you need support  for starting your business, I am the right person for you! I will not only help you to structure all tasks involved in starting your own business but but also in a very practical way. There are different ways you can work with me 1:1 (Skype or in person):

  • 1-hour sessions

  • Breakthrough Day

  • Going thorugh the full programme 'The Start-Up Formula - 6 easy steps to start your own business'

All of the above will be tailored around your routines and needs. For all them, we will have a free consultation before we start to get clarity of what you need help with.

1-hour sessions
After our free consultation, we will define what we want to work on.  We then have successive sessions via Skype or in person. One off sessions cost £100/session (£90 for a Skype session). The more sessions you book, the more discount I can give you on each session. Contact me to book your free consultation.

Breakthrough Day
This is the most popular way to work with me. After the free consultation, I will put a schedule together for an entire day (8 hours) that we work on a specific topic. My clients like the Breakthrough Days as they just have to invest 1 day and get everything they need to start working . A Breakthrough Day is £397 (£377 for Skype) and can be split into 2 half days (4 hours each). Contact me to book your free consultation.

The Start-Up Formula - 6 easy steps to start your own business

The programme consists of 11 Coaching sessions (1:1), 1 Q&A session that is dedicated to all your questions plus a free consultation upfront and email support in between session. The time it takes is depending on how much time you can invest. Usually it can take 3-5 months. The costs include preparation of each session and notes that you will receive after each session. To support you in person to love what you do for a living, I allow myself to charge you £997 (£897 via Skype). Contact me to book your free consultation. 

It is easily remembers by the acronym CHANGE:

  • Clarity - Find out what makes you happy and set a clear goal.

  • Hold on to your values - Discover your and/or your future company's values.

  • Analyse who you want to work with - Define your ideal client and colleagues to know what and who you are looking for.

  • Narrow down the steps involved - Write down all the steps involved to achieve your goal.

  • Grow your confidence - Ensure you are confident enough to move forward.

  • Engage your audience - Develop a marketing plan to market yourself and/or your future company.

Why these steps?

  • Having clarity is very important and supports you in achieving your goal.

  • If you don't know where you want to be, how do you know you achieved it? And which way to go to get there?

Hold on to your values:

  • Knowing your values will make it easy for you to make decisions as they have to be based on your values.

  • Every decision should be aligned with your values and makes everything an easy "Yes" or "No" decision.

Analyse who you want to work with:

  • What is the best tone of voice to use to reach your target audience?

  • What do they love or hate?

  • What do they struggle with?

  • What can you offer to help them?

  • This will be the basis for all your marketing activities.

Narrow down the steps involved:

  • Start up a business can be overwhelming.

  • Put it all down on paper, structure and prioritise it to get things done more efficient.

Grow your confidence:

  • Every entrepreneur has a point in her/his start up journey where things seem not as bright as usual.

  • NLP techniques will help you to grow your confidence and stay motivated.

Engage your audience:

  • Write a marketing plan that will deliver the goals you have set.

  • Define the next year with easy doable chunks.

  • How much will everything cost in time and money?

Take the first step to CHANGE today and contact me today for a free consultation or to get any questions answered.

Your Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach Christine


1-hour session

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Free Consultation
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Breakthrough Day

The Start-Up Formula

Skype/In Person

Free Consultation
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Marketing Plan
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