Feb 26

Business branding

In the last blog post we looked at the benefits of having a brand. Today, I will talk about business branding, creating a brand.

Step 1: Understanding branding

You need to understand what branding actually is and what is reflecting your brand. It is not just your logo but much more.

Step 2: What are your competitors doing?

After you have a better understanding about what a brand is, you need to look at your competitors. Because: If you know what they do and look like, you can define what makes you different.

Step 3: Who are you selling to?

After knowing what your competitors do, you need to know your ideal client. Your target audience will define your branding massively.

Step 4: What do you stand for?

If you don’t know what you stand for, no one will. So, you need to define your business values.

Step 5: Define your mission statement

Tell people what you stand for in a concise way by creating a mission statement.

Step 6: Define your colours

Knowing your target audience and knowing what you stand for, makes it much easier to define your colours.

Step 7: Create your logo

The logo is an important part of your branding. There are inexpensive online tools that you can use to create one yourself or get it done.

Step 8: Create your stationery

After you defined your colours and have a logo, you can create your stationery.


After that you will have the basics done for your branding and have your visual identity.

I have a created an online course that will easily explain how to do a brand and will deal with all the steps above. It is called ‘The Branding Formula – 8 easy steps to get started with your branding’.

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