NLP stands for “Neuro Linguistic Programming”.
Neuro – refers to the nervous system. Our experience of the world enters the brain via the nervous system and the five senses. Neuro stands for how we process this sensory experience and translate it into conscious and unconscious thoughts.

Linguistc – refers to language. We communicate both on unconscious and conscious levels – verbally and non-verbally.

Programming – indicates the way in which we consistently think and behave. Each of us runs specific programs to produce our behaviour. Programs consist of a series of steps that automatically produce certain behaviour. NLP can reveal the programs you run and the results they produce. It also gives you the means to change your own and other people’s programms to produce the results you want. In simple terms: A program can be a habit. NLP provides tools to easily change a habit or make something a habit.

As you can see, NLP has a lot to do with communicating with and understanding each other.

There are a few things I would like to point out that will sound interesting to you:

  • We accept that everyone has a different view of the world and the reality. This influences behaviour and improves communication.
  • NLP presuppose that if you change your perception, it changes both your beliefs and your behaviour.
  • It also assumes that everyone has the resource they need to achieve what they want.

What are the benefits of NLP in Life Coaching?

  • NLP improves communication overall and acknowledges the different perception of everyone.
  • The techniques used will help you to achieve your goals. You will feel more confident and overcome any personal barriers to succeed.
  • NLP provides different tools for issues and motivation and can change beliefs where wanted.

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